Day 57: Back on Solid Ground

6/18/17 15.8 miles PCT Mile 1184.3 I laid awake last night wondering if we had made the right move by skipping the Sierra. I felt conflicted as I knew people were successfully going through the Sierra Mts right now. Matt tried to reassure me as I complained but this did no good. He would groan […]

Day 56: Regrets, She’s had a few 

PCT mile 1157.3, Miles: almost zero(just sort of wandered around a snowy garbage dump), 6-17-17 Next day 6-18-17, 10 miles. PCT mile 1167 We got a ride from the trailhead and stayed the night in a small motel in Bishop. Sarah had unintentionally screwed over a trail angel real good in the process. She had […]

Day 53: Left Behind

6/11/17 8.2 miles PCT Mile 778.4 It’s hard to want to wake up when your tent is covered in frost and the first thing you have to do is cross a freezing creek. A lot of the “creeks”  in the Sierra are now small terrifying rivers. All that snow has to go somewhere. After several […]

Day 54: Forrester Pass, The Top of The PCT

6-12-17 8.7 miles PCT mile 787.1  I woke up several times because of the cold and wind during the night. The first time was around 11pm. It was 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind, which was coming from all directions, would violently shake the tent every few minutes. After about an hour, it became calm. Then […]

Day 52: Just Like Starting Over

6-10-17, PCT mile 770.3, 10 miles I awoke several times during the night between strange dreams involving water. In one, Sarah and I were on some sort of cruise ship that was bizarrely partitioned in two across a river. On the bottom deck there was a large open room flooded with raging water separating one […]

Day 51: Drunken Legs

6/9/17 11 miles PCT Mile 760.3 Yesterday we slowly staggered down cottonwood pass trail through Horseshoe Meadowafter we said goodbye to my dad. Two other hikers quickly approached my dad for a ride back to Lone Pine, obviously he said yes. I recognized one of the kids as he has a large external frame pack […]