Day 132: To Be Continued…

9/1/17 15.1 miles 2659.8 Last night as we were uncomfortably crouched around our jetboils in the cold, someone questioned, “did you think you would make it this far”. We all thought for a second and then said, “yes.” Most people who set out to do a thru-hike think they are gonna make it and hope […]

Day 131: The Last Sunset

Pct mile: 2644.7, 25.2 miles, 8-31-17 It didn’t feel like tomorrow would be the end. Partially because part of me believed that, just maybe, the weather would hold out and we could go back into the Sierra in October. But the odds were against it. I was beginning to get nervous about the Grand Canyon. […]

Day 130: “Easy” Day

8/30/17 21.1 miles 2619.5 During breakfast JD told us of his successful toe knife job he performed last night. He explained that he lifted the ingrown toenail up to see how ingrown it was and then let it fall back into place. J.D has the 2nd to worst feet I’ve seen on trail, losing out […]

Day 128: The Razor’s Edge

8-29-17, PCT mile 2598.4, 25.8 miles I woke up with a painful pressure in my lower abdomen. It was the middle of the night. I didn’t check the time, doing so would have woken Sarah who sleeps like a chihuahua in a lions den, but I knew it was too early to make it until […]

Day 127: Will Walk for Cinnamon Rolls

8/28/17 3.2 miles PCT mile I think we slept in I can’t remember though. Peanut was already packed up and heading into Stehekin. I wondered what the hurry was but we got up too and made the walk into town. The one redeeming factor about Stehekin is that they offer free camping. You do however […]