Day 8:The Second but Not The Last End…

9/1/18 794.27 to 789.09 +7.6 miles out Kearsarge for 13.4 miles total A year ago we made it to the Canadian Border, a defining moment filled with excitement and accomplishment. Today would be marked by another departure as we left the PCT once again out Kearsarge Pass just as we had done June 2017 but […]

Day 7: Bear Hazing

8-31-18, 811.72 to 794.27, 17.45 miles Sarah was looking at her phone when I woke up. “Well” she said, genuinely believing she was about to inform me of something, “we’re going to be in a bit of a hurry today.” She had been saying some iteration of this phrase every single day we had been […]

Day 6: Rations

8/30/18 830.54 to 811.72 18.89 miles I made a stark realization this morning as I rifled through my bear canister for breakfast, for once I did not overpack food. I frantically looked at my food and made a mental note of what I had. One pack of Mac and cheese and a freeze dried Lasagna […]

Day5: Of Horses and Horseshit

850.90 to 830.54 , 20.36 miles, 8-29-18 Editors note: I ,unfortunately, must begin this post responding to another editor’s accusation made yesterday on this blog. Although it is true that our posts had some similar content and it is also true that this editor wrote her post first, the assumption that I knowingly copied material […]

Day3: JMT, yeah you know me

8-27-18, 888.53 to 869.13, 19.4 Miles The High Seirra of late August in a low snow year is a different world from the one we encountered last June. The stark isolation and wintery dread was replaced with bare peaks and inviting alpine lakes. PCTers had long since headed north into Oregon to enjoy the mosquitoes […]

Day 1: Hawk Knocking

“We should go back and do the Sierras in August” Sarah said. (For all you mountain grammar fans, your going to have to get over it) “Meh, okay” I said. It was pretty much a microcosm off how we quit our jobs and headed out to the PCT last year. I didn’t have anything going […]

Day 132: To Be Continued…

9/1/17 15.1 miles 2659.8 Last night as we were uncomfortably crouched around our jetboils in the cold, someone questioned, “did you think you would make it this far”. We all thought for a second and then said, “yes.” Most people who set out to do a thru-hike think they are gonna make it and hope […]

Day 131: The Last Sunset

Pct mile: 2644.7, 25.2 miles, 8-31-17 It didn’t feel like tomorrow would be the end. Partially because part of me believed that, just maybe, the weather would hold out and we could go back into the Sierra in October. But the odds were against it. I was beginning to get nervous about the Grand Canyon. […]

Day 130: “Easy” Day

8/30/17 21.1 miles 2619.5 During breakfast JD told us of his successful toe knife job he performed last night. He explained that he lifted the ingrown toenail up to see how ingrown it was and then let it fall back into place. J.D has the 2nd to worst feet I’ve seen on trail, losing out […]

Day 128: The Razor’s Edge

8-29-17, PCT mile 2598.4, 25.8 miles I woke up with a painful pressure in my lower abdomen. It was the middle of the night. I didn’t check the time, doing so would have woken Sarah who sleeps like a chihuahua in a lions den, but I knew it was too early to make it until […]