Tempe-where dreams go to die 

It’s hot, it’s sooooo hot. OMG I’m wilting. How will I ever hike through the SoCal desert when I can barely stand to exist in this horrid heat. People who live in the desert don’t actually “live” in the desert they exist indoors with the AC on. Now that I’m done dramatizing I’ll tell you […]

Salt River-Float on

We spent 3 nights floating the salt river covering 52 miles. The Salt River is located about an hour and half east of Phoenix AZ. Due to a very wet and cold winter in AZ the Salt River was flowing good and was at what a guy at the putin said, the “fun” level. This […]

Highway to Havasu (Matt)

Our stay at Lisa’s house was a bit more lacsidasical than we had planned due to Sarah’s continued sickness. We watched some eighties movies and I was surprised to find that Cocktail was not really the Jamaican Love story I remembered , but mostly a deeply disfuncional bromance with a bloody suicide tacked on for […]

Havasu Falls 3/12-3/13

My friend Abby and I hiked down the Havasu Canyon, which is a large tributary on the south side of the Colorado River to reach Navajo, Havasu, and Mooney falls. The town of Supai is on the western edge of The Grand Canyons South Rim. The Havasupai (people of the blue green water) Indian tribe […]

SARA park 3/11/17

It’s hot here in the desert so we wanted to get an early start for our walk and managed to get out the door at 9am. This was after Matt briefly lost his sunglasses that were on his head. Turns out 9am is not that early as it was already pretty hot when we set […]

Seattle to Arizona 

We have been in Arizona a week now and have been very busy since we left Seattle. My last week in Seattle was very bittersweet. My coworkers were great and showered me with goodbye treats for the entire week and some awesome gifts! Portland  We spent one week in Portland unpacking and repacking everything. I promptly […]

Seattle to Portland (Matt)

We officially quit our jobs the last weekend in February. It didn’t feel like I thought it would. I wasn’t particularly happy to be leaving, but wasn’t feeling too sad either. My supervisor communicated my departure in her preferred method, an email to all, loaded with subtext. To paraphrase she said: “Matt was an employee […]