Seattle to Portland (Matt)

We officially quit our jobs the last weekend in February. It didn’t feel like I thought it would. I wasn’t particularly happy to be leaving, but wasn’t feeling too sad either. My supervisor communicated my departure in her preferred method, an email to all, loaded with subtext. To paraphrase she said: “Matt was an employee here for a while. During that time we all did some things, he was part of some of those things, soon he won’t be.” I guess it could have been worse. The same week a coworker in our department and an employee in another department we talk to on the phone occasionally also quit. These also elicited emails. To paraphrase: “Janice was an inspiration, she moved us all in countless ways and will truly be missed. This is not goodbye, it is just farewell for now. What light through yonder window breaks. It is the east, and fair Janice is the sun. ” even the phone lady was “bringing joy to her life”. I’m not bitter though. I think I made the right decision. We had a going away party at a private room in a small restaurant downtown. It was really nice. Sarah’s sister Lisa helped find the venue and bought us a customized cake for the occasion. a lot of people I will really miss took time out of their weekend to say goodbye. The next morning we packed up all our belongings, deconstructed our storage shed, shoved it all in a uhaul and drove to portland. A special thank you to Susan Donnelly who unknowingly volunteered to help us pack, sorry about that Susan. We reconstructed the shed on Lisa’s property and packed all our things back into it. The moment our health insurance ran out, Sarah’s immune system decided to go on vacation as well and she contracted what she web mdiagnosed as strep throat. She wrote herself a prescription for mexican omoxicillin her mother had left behind during a summer visit. Susan’s husband Paul offered to teach us some snow travel safety training near timberland lodge. Thanks again for that Paul. I really appreciate it. -MJM

4 thoughts on “Seattle to Portland (Matt)

  1. So sorry I couldn’t make the going away party! Guys I’m going to miss our tennis matches and shenanigans while you’re both out adventuring. Love and best to you both on your retirement!

    Trent and Kai 🐾🐾


  2. So far I am liking this blog! I think you got a great generic copy and paste e-mail! 🙂 It’s weird not having you here in the lab! No one else has such a dry sense of humor like you! I will miss that! Looking forward to reading you upcoming posts!


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