Havasu Falls 3/12-3/13

My friend Abby and I hiked down the Havasu Canyon, which is a large tributary on the south side of the Colorado River to reach Navajo, Havasu, and Mooney falls. The town of Supai is on the western edge of The Grand Canyons South Rim. The Havasupai (people of the blue green water) Indian tribe resides in the town of Supai and they are the most isolated community in the lower 48. There are no roads to Supai you must either hike, take a mule, or a helicopter to reach the village. This was my 2nd trip down to the falls.

The hike in is pretty easy but it started to get pretty hot around noon, maybe 80.

Hualapai Hilltop View

Seeking shade

Havasu creek along with springs feed the falls and meanders through the village and campsites. The blue green color originates from limestone. 

Abby checking out the layer of lime that covers everything

The first falls are Navajo falls

2 miles from the town of Supai is Havasu Falls 

After Havasu falls is the campsite. I got to use my new tent for the first time and so far I like it. It was easy to set up and take down and it’s light as a feather. 

Monney Falls is just below the campsite and requires a steep climb down sandstone with ladders and cables, it’s pretty scary. If we had more time we would have continued on to Beaver Falls but we only got a permit for one night which was virtually impossible to get so we took what we could.

The way down to Mooney

Dinner time 
Gourmet mac and cheese with broccoli, mushrooms, and hot dogs

After ten hours of sleep we hiked the 10 miles out and drove back to Lake Havasu City. It was a quick trip but worth it. 

Matt stayed in Lake Havasu with my parents and my dad and him turned my dads old trailer into a new raft trailer for us. Yay! Thanks Matt and Dad. Off to the Salt river now-SS

3 thoughts on “Havasu Falls 3/12-3/13

  1. Is this the same place where Matt broke his butt? The water there is stunning! I’d be dunking myself in it considering how hot it is!


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