Seattle to Arizona 

We have been in Arizona a week now and have been very busy since we left Seattle. My last week in Seattle was very bittersweet. My coworkers were great and showered me with goodbye treats for the entire week and some awesome gifts! Portland 

We spent one week in Portland unpacking and repacking everything. I promptly got a bad cold which really hampered my ability to be as productive as I like to be. I’ve also had a pinched nerve in the ball of my foot for over a month so we didn’t do any of the training walks I wanted to do while in Portland.

Road trippin
We planned to spend several nights road tripping down to Arizona but I was still pretty sick and not into sight seeing. Luckily the weather along the Oregon coast was a mix of rain, hail, and snow so there wasn’t much to do.  Northern California was also drenched in cold rain. We stayed one night in Northern California and one night in San Francisco before arriving at  my parents house in Lake Havasu City. Another bonus to having a cold was that I did basically no walking for over a week so my foot finally began to feel better. I also bought a new pair of shoes with my REI gift card which seemed to alleviate some of my foot issues (thanks team Cyto).  SS

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