Tempe-where dreams go to die 

It’s hot, it’s sooooo hot. OMG I’m wilting. How will I ever hike through the SoCal desert when I can barely stand to exist in this horrid heat. People who live in the desert don’t actually “live” in the desert they exist indoors with the AC on. Now that I’m done dramatizing I’ll tell you what we did. We arrived at my parents motor home at the Elks lodge in Tempe to find a man my dad met in the alley having a beer with my dad. This strange man is a truck driver who would not leave! Matt and I were both exhausted from our raft trip and were not in the visiting mood. He finally left after 4 and a half hours. How is my dad so friendly?!?! 

The first day in Tempe we did very little as Matt and my Mom both had colds. We did go to Costco and we stocked up on food for our hike. We had tacos and then went to a brewery in the University area and stayed for Trivia. Before trivia we took a walk at Tempe Town lake. It was so hot that I had no interest in walking. It was 95.   

This tree hugger misses the PNW

These are a few of Matt and I’s long list of weather related complaints. 

“It’s so hot I’m going to throw myself into a cactus and end it all” MJM

“Nobody understands my plight” SS

“The desert is where dreams come to die” SS

“This shitty water is the only thing keeping me alive” SS

“I’m so exhausted and I haven’t done anything today” SS

“Too hot to stop and too miserable to care” SS 

“Oh no she’s desert crazy” MJM 

My dad kept telling us to stop whining and buck up. I would not stop whining and a slew of comments flowed from my mouth everytime I stepped out into the oppressive heat.

The second day in Tempe was only going to be 92. Yesssss sweet relief. My dad and I woke up early to climb Camelback Mountain. Just kidding my dad always wakes up early. We were on the road by 7:30 to take on Camelback Mt. a very popular trail in Phoenix. It’s not long but very steep with a lot of rock scrambling. Sorry dad!  

Stopped to take a call
Making friends on the way up

One thing I learned is that I should not take my dad on popular trails as he is too chatty. He found a line and stook with it. “Hello, this is my first time here, pretty cool.” He even took two phone calls. My dads pretty cool though I didn’t see any other 70+ people at the top. 

After Camelback Mt we went back to the motor home to find the sickly people in between naps. We got the bikes ready and headed out into the 92 degree heat to ride around Tempe Town Lake 

We spent 3 nights in Tempe and I think we were all happy to be heading back to Lake Havasu after the heat wave. We picked up Matts mom  Lee from the Phoenix airport and took her to the Oasis bookstore in Quartzite to meet a legend. 

This is Paul he doesn’t like the way clothes make him feel, so he doesn’t wear any. He does wear a croqueted ball sack cover. Anyways we didn’t tell Lee anything about this place and she wonderfully ended up buying 2 books. It worked out perfectly. She saw this man from the backside and thought he was fake due to his dark leather skin. When we said that is who you pay she gave the books and money to Matt and said, “well then you pay.”

Lucky for us the cash register was next to where Lee was standing so Paul unashamedly walked over and rang up her books. Lee was a good sport and enjoyed her visit to the bookstore!

Editors note: I’m now acclimated to the heat as 67 is cold! I’m glad we are spending time in the desert because it would have been a harsh transition to go directly from Seattle to desert hiking. 

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