The Day 16: The Struggle is Real

4/27/17 15.1 miles PCT mile 266.1 The previous day this superhuman hiking couple  passed us effortlessly and I immediately hated them for thier speed and large muscular legs. The guy was carrying 8 liters of water, that is over 16 pounds. Despite the fact that his pack was twice the weight of mine he was […]

Day 14: This is Funny, No?

4/25/17 15.2 miles PCT mile 233.8 Eight years ago we went zip lining in Costa Rica, the tour guide kept saying, “this is funny, no?” My sisters friend annoying remarked, “you mean fun.” Well zip lining was fun, but the wind last night was neither fun or funny. Matt and I both woke up too […]

Day 13: Against the wind

4-24-17;  25 awful, shitty miles, PCT mile 218.5 Fuck. This. Wind. Seriously, it’s goddam enough already. Who needs it? “It’s necessary for pollentaion and there couldn’t be life without it”, you might say. To you I would reply: “You need to shut your mouth with that nonsense right now, because I don’t want to here […]

Day 12: The Future is Barren

4/23/17 15.8 miles PCT mile 193.8 We were suppose to leave yesterday but the town sucked us in. The thought of being clean and well fed was too hard to give up. Idyllwild said hey, “why don’t you stay awhile, we have a lot to offer”. This town is a tourist trap and I know […]

Day 11-12: Hiker’s Gone Idyllwild

4/21/17-4/22/17 Today we went full hobo. After hiking the fire closure alternate that almost no one else wanted to do, we walked out 4 miles to the Highway to hitch into Idyllwild. After several just awful human beings in BMW’s whized by, a 1980s Ford Diesel Pickup pulled over. A young man emerged from the […]

Day 10: Role Reversal

4/20/17  14.86 miles +2 non PCT miles PCT mile 166.5  Some crazy things are happening out on the trail that I wouldn’t have predicted. For one, Matt was convinced I would constantly run out of water and steal his. Oddly this is not the case, Matt is by far drinking more water than I am. […]