Blood, sweat, and rashes in the desert

Turns out the desert is kind of a jerk! Who knew?

First rule of the desert, don’t touch anything. This is hard when everything seems to reach out touch you and poke five bloody holes into your skin. The first offender is the Palo verde tree, it is covered in spiky thorns. It is especially hard to avoid these as they are in every wash around Havasu, every hike we have done here goes through at least one wash.

Palo Verde Trees

I’m pretty sure a Palo Verde tree got me and I was on a road! It poked me through my shirt made two holes in my foreman revealing an instant blood bath on my shirt. Somehow this bristle bitch (as Matt calls them) gave me a bruise on my arm. Palo Verde:1 Sarah:0

Desert abuse

The second offender is the Cholla. These guys look mean, so it’s easy to avoid them, unless you are Matt. Matt backhanded one and screamed in pain. 

Matt getting his revenge

Cholla:1 Matt:1 

Second rule involves an aggressive lizard that doesn’t give a shit! This lizard would not get off the trail. I’ve probably seen 100 lizards by now and they are scurry off the trail faster than the speed of light. Not this one, he was in a mood and could not be bothered to move. I tired unsuccessfully to kick some rocks in his general direction, don’t worry not at him, this only made him angrier opening his tiny mouth to try and scare me away. Well it worked I had to climb up the rocks and go around him. Lizard: 1 Sarah and Matt:0

Angry little jerk

Third rule if it’s not the cactuses or reptiles it’s that relentless shining hot orb in the sky. After spending 8 hours under the sun walking 20 miles both Matt and I got heat rashes. It could potentially be a rash from what appears to be a pretty purple plant called scorpion weed. The name should be an indicator of its intentions. The little white fibers are patiently waiting to stick you like fiber glass. I pulled two of these almost invisible fibers out of my leg today.

Scorpion weed
Red glow

Sun:1 Matt and Sarah:0

The fourth and final rule is to always check the ground before you sit and to inspect your backpack before putting it on. After a snack break 3 spiders were happily enjoy a a snack of their own on my backpack. Mmmm sweat!

Spiders:0 Sarah:1, I get a point because I saw them before I put my backpack on. 

As you can see the desert is not your friend.


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