Day 2: Morena to Laguna 

17.6 miles, pct mile 37.7

Norm left us to go tend to Flipper today. We had a bit of a late start, due to a send off breakfast at a gas station/diner in Lake Morena. It was worth it. Last night was the second worst night of sleep I have had since the night before which was worse. We hiked 18 uneventful miles to a campsite near the town of Mt. Laguna. The landscape is rugged enough not to be fun but not rugged enough to make for good scenery. The high desert has a 40 degree swing from day to night. It got down to 35 the first night, which was a shock to me. The trail was was all uphill, though the grade was not too steep. The 2000 feet of elevation gain did make me regret my 2lb emergency summer sausage a little,  but that baby is going to pay off big time one of these days(don’t listen to what Sarah has to say on the subject). Sarah created a new game based on cross country called kills and hits. You get a kill if you pass someone and a hit if they pass you. We got a surprising number of kills the first day and no hits. Today we tallied 6 more kills and took no hits. Typing this down, I realize that it sounds a little violent and maybe we should change the name. I was hoping to catch site of some of the people we hiked the first twenty miles with , but we never caught them. Perhaps they are in Mt Laguna. We had a delicious trail calzone this evening. It consisted of a tortilla with tomato paste, pepperoni, avocado and string cheese. Mmmmm. As I type this, we are being serenaded by a frog. When it began its song Sarah commented “that frog needs to shut the f up.” He’s just looking for love, though. Do your thing frog, I think. Well my hands are getting numb so it’s off to bed for me. 

Our first stream crossing, class 1
Highway 8 for some reason
Sarah cooks our first meal in our new dining room

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Morena to Laguna 

  1. My son Conor (from Berkeley) is hiking 1-2 days behind you (started April 12). I’m enjoying your blog, it lets me know what conditions lie ahead! He is picking up snow gear in Idyllwild; will you two be planning to cross the Sierras?


    1. Hi Julia thanks for following. We are planning to cross the Sierras, though the very large snow pack may force us to wait at Kennedy meadows a while. We are picking up our snow gear at Kennedy meadows or lone pine. We will not be doing the optional ascension of Mt San jaucinto
      and are currently planning to take the detour around Fuller Ridge.


  2. You two are my heroes! Are you planning on hiking the whole trail?!? How long do you think it will take? Best of luck! I’m looking forward to following this Epic journey!


    1. We are planning to do the whole thing but we might not finish due to the record snow year in the Sierra Mountians which will slow us down considerably. We also have to be off the trail September 6th as we won a permit to raft the Grand Canyon. So we will go as far as we can given our time contstaints.


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