Day 14: This is Funny, No?

4/25/17 15.2 miles PCT mile 233.8

Eight years ago we went zip lining in Costa Rica, the tour guide kept saying, “this is funny, no?” My sisters friend annoying remarked, “you mean fun.” Well zip lining was fun, but the wind last night was neither fun or funny. Matt and I both woke up too many times to count to pound a dislodged stake back into the ground or readjust a pole. At one point Matt said we would no longer fix the tent should it collapse on us one more time. I was worried we would wake up dead due to tent asphyxiation. Not sure if anyone in their adult life has died of this, but in my half awake brain I was sure we would be the first. Good news! We woke up alive. We started chanting Big Bear, Big Bear as this is our next trail town 48 miles away and we are excited about the prospect of a hotel and warm food. Then just as quickly as the wind had started the previous day the wind abruptly stopped as we were leaving camp.

Before leaving we stopped at a picnic table with other hikers and had some treats left by a trail angel from the night before. I added two brownies, a cookie, and an orange slice to my breakfast intake. I asked the two German brothers where they slept last night as I noticed their tent was gone this morning. They said they slept in the bathroom, because the wind broke one of thier tent poles and ripped a hole in their rain fly. So I guess they had a worse night then us.  

The first few miles were next to the Whitewater creek which made travel easier for our heavy sore legs. We immediately recognized the need for ibuprofen as we knew this was gonna be a long slow day. At least both of us felt like crap on the same day, I think Matt feels worse though.

Whitewater Canyon

After crossing the river I spotted a Swiss couple and wondered if it is the same couple we have been tracking. Over a week ago my dad gave a Swiss couple a ride from Julian back to the trail, ever sense then we knew we would eventually catch them as they were going a bit slower than us. Once they caught up to us again I asked them who they were and it was the same couple. They knew our names and even remembered my dads name. They loved my Dad of course, Pete showed me a picture of him and my dad with their arms around each other like they are best buds or something. Classic Norm!! 

Swiss couple Pete and Michele and Mama Pie

We slowly climbed up a ridge just to descend down the the otherside in typical PCT fashion.  

Ridge after ridge

Once over the ridge we dropped down to another valley to find Mission Creek. We would weave in and out of this creek for the rest of the day. This was a welcome treat to have water so readily accessible. 

One of 20 creek crossings
Boots and Rope-burn caught up to us late in the day as they like to sleep in, a lot! At the Whitewater Preserve there was a Yurt made of clay and hay and they slept in it. In the morning when we were heading out we saw a women poking her head in the yurt, while they were still fast asleep. Apparently, the woman explained that the yurt was an art exhibit and they were gonna take it down in 6 days. She must have been surprised to see two young guys sleeping in there. Boots wears crocs, cutoff shorts and a cotton tee, proving you don’t need fancy gear as he whizs past us. 
We trudged on a few more miles before spotting a small sandy spot near the creek where we would cowboy camp for the night. 

Snakey snake snake

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