The Day 16: The Struggle is Real

4/27/17 15.1 miles PCT mile 266.1

The previous day this superhuman hiking couple  passed us effortlessly and I immediately hated them for thier speed and large muscular legs. The guy was carrying 8 liters of water, that is over 16 pounds. Despite the fact that his pack was twice the weight of mine he was charging up hills and talking about how if they kept up this pace they will be to thier campsite in no time. As I glanced back I saw Matt taking slow heavy steps up the switchbacks and was convinced we would need an extra night to get to Big Bear. We didn’t have enough food to stay out here an extra night so I tried to be extra nice like filter his water and give him 2 of my coveted M&M’s. Matt somehow pulled through and hiked on so that we would be a reasonable distance from civilization today. 

We went to bed last night feeling half satiated. I talked Matt into sharing his snickers bar with me for dessert, we would worry about breakfast in the morning. Clearly we had miscalculated our calorie intake for this section. The Temps were cooler so our appetite wasn’t surpressed and we were hungrier. After carrying way to much food in the previous section we didn’t want to haul around any extra weight. 

We set an alarm this morning for the first time as we stayed up a bit late due to the fact that we had internet. It was cold this morning as we were camped at 8,000″, but fueled by the idea of food 15 miles down the trail helped us face the cool morning. I tried to make packing up and getting on the trail a race to try and hurry Matt along. To no ones surprise this tactic did not work. Later in the day, when we stopped to prepare lunch I asked him why he had to take everything out of his pack and he said, “well I was in a race.”

We were optimistic this morning as we knew we didn’t have any major climbs, and the thought of food made us so happy that we both broke out into song about all the delicious food we were going to eat. Our song was to the tune of “Summer in the City.” While I was trail dancing and wildly waving my poles we rounded a corner to find a hiker practically camped on the trail. I’m sure he enjoyed the free morning concert. 

The trail wound through forests and ridges before emerging to a more desert like scene. We saw our guest Joshua trees on the trail too.

Joshua Trees

I started listening to music as it was required for further movement on my part. I was practicing some new moves when Matt tells me to turn around a woman on a horse is coming up the trail. The woman remarked that, “her horse was a bit scared at first.” 

Just a day horse, no thru horses yet

After I had exhausted the few songs I like on my phone, a horrible song called “Love Will Keep Us Alive” played, it was horribly ironic and inaccurate. It claimed that if you are hungry love will keep you alive. Wrong, not true, that song made me angry!! Matt’s love was not filling the void in my stomach. 

We eventually made our way to hwy 18 and got a hitch to Big Bear City and then another hitch from a local lady named Hilte who said she only picks up people like us. She drove us all the way to the hostel in Big Bear Lake through confusing construction. 

We showered, did laundry, ate ice cream, and then had Mexican! It feels good to not move. 

Saw a lot of these guys, they don’t care much for moving
New cactus
Nice mansion with 4 huskies running around
We did are best but there are just too many bushes
Sage deodorant, we need to buy actual deodorant I can’t stand my natural smell

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