Day 27: It’s a Lonely ol’ Trail 

5/8/17 18 miles PCT Mile 411.7

We slept on the floor next to a bed, because the bed would have costed $10 more or $60 more. It was very confusing and I didn’t care so we slept on the floor for $20 at a day spa. I’m not sure when any patrons come to the day spa because it was filled with hikers. Matt set an alarm for 7:30, I’m not sure why as I woke up at 6:30. Matt woke up around 7 and said, “you couldn’t even sleep in until the alarm went off.” As if this a new thing for me. 

Day Spa?

Our ride and breakfast burrito would be coming at 8:30 to take us back to the trail. A man named Quinn who might be a brother of the man whose house we were staying in would be driving us. His girlfriend made tacos the night before and breakfast burritos this morning. We said our goodbyes to the other 7 hikers as they were all behind us on the trail. Kitty was out front in her teenage mutant ninja turtle onesie. I’m not sure what happened to her wig but she didn’t have it on.

We had about a 15 mile drive on curvy hwy 2. It turns out that Quinn’s girlfriend is afraid of heights and had never been on this road before, despite it being close to where she lives. Quinn kept yelling, “babe look over there, it’s not that steep.” Or, “look at that for me I can’t I’m driving.” He said this while looking at some rock structures and weaving into the other lane. The GF began breathing heavy and staring out the window that was facing a steep drop off. While in the car she told of us of not 1 but 2 serious car accidents she had been in when she was younger. I couldn’t help but notice how neither of them where wearing their seat belts. In one of the accidents she flew out of her friends car when the door flung open. Really!?! Still not gonna wear your seatbelt. Oh well. Before we reached the trail Quinn remarked that he had never been this far on this road. I guess when you live in a Wrightwood you got no reason to leave. 

Screaming through the tunnel

We were on the trail at 10:00 with high hopes to make it 22 miles so we could be to Acton Wednesday morning. There was still snow on the ground and it was chilly outside. After an hour we warmed enough to take our jackets and gloves off. The first few miles we wound around the campground and then to the Burkhart trail which would lead us to the PCT. It was good to be back on the PCT, it had only been a day but it felt much longer. We immediately began to climb as the trail followed an abandoned Jeep road. We climbed about 1500ft to Hwy 2. 

Quiet Hwy

I looked back and there was a sign for Buckhorn Campground where we started 3 miles away. We had walked 6 miles to get here. After the first hwy crossing of the day we enjoyed several miles of down hill as we passed our next milestone, 400 miles. Still waiting for our hiker legs to show up. Maybe 500?

Shooting through 400 miles

Soon after we saw Camp Glenwood a Boy Scouts camp. On Saturday when we were deciding if we should continue our not this was the place we would have been shooting for. We thought they might have some type of a structure we could camp under. When we got closer I saw a cabin. I assumed it was locked but no it wasn’t. It would have been the perfect place to ride out the storm, there was a propane stove, wood burning fireplace, games, and lights. Oh well. From the register it looks like a few hikers stayed there but none on Saturday, the worst of the storm. We later heard from another hiker that the place is usually locked. 

Camp Glenwood

Camo Matt

It was a quiet day on the trail, we didn’t see anyone until we got to mile 406 where a small stream lined with algae was. Then we spotted a man drinking water straight from the stream without filtering it. It was Tinker the ol’ stubborn man who refused to leave the campground Saturday night when the weather turned from bad to worse. He said, “I didn’t want to pack up my things, I’ve been through worst.” He said the weight of the snow and ice caused his tent pole to break and his tent to collapse on him in the middle of the night. He also explained that he is prone to hypothermia and felt hypothermic that night. On Sunday he remained at the campground and stayed in the Buckhorn Hilton aka the bathroom. He ended up leaving for the trail Monday morning the same as us but our last two nights were much less miserable than his. He is a nice man who talked in the third person, which is always a little weird but amusing. We all soon left as it was getting late and we needed to get to camp. Tinker doesn’t use poles and walks a bit hunched over. I wanted him to try them so he could walk straight. He camped soon after but we wanted to make miles so we went another 5 miles.

Weird tree
Dinosaur Yucca

Both Matt and I were feeling pretty slow and sore despite our day of rest. Maybe rest is not good for the body. I proposed we take no more zero days, Matt of course did not agree. We found a nice campsite, an actual campsite and called it a night. 

Full moon

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