Day 30: Much Ado about Nothing

5/11/17 11.8 miles PCT Mile 465.9

Nothing much happened today. Hiker heaven was amazing and so clean and organized. Also there were all sorts of dogs to pet so I was very sorry to leave. The one dark spot was a ill behaved college aged German kid. Who, 15 minutes into The Life Aquatic, yelled “boring!” several  times in a room with 12 people in it and forced them to change shows. I don’t know why I care. I was going to bed. Perhaps I just thought it was an affront to not give a Wes Anderson movie a chance. We planned to make the 23 miles to Casa de Luna a two day trip so we walked into town, ate breakfast, argued for a while over a lost charging chord, then hiked 13 unremarkable miles to a swampy area where we camped with some mosquitoes. That was really it. Pretty boring. I am actually writing this a few days later and Sarah is telling me to hurry up so she can post her blog, so I guess I will. My next post will have more content, I promise. Here are some pictures I took. 

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