Day 31: Springs for Legs

5/12/17 12.3 miles PCT mile 478.4

Today was to be a lesuriely day, it started with condensation dripping on my face. I usually like to start my mornings with a facial so it was just perfect. We stayed nestled in our sleeping bags while we watched the water pool and then slide down the side of the tent towards our faces. After 7 the sun finally started to shine on our tent to begin the drying process. We eventually got our things together and were ready to leave, when Matt makes a sudden announcement that he needs to go to the bathroom. At this point I was ready to go, I graciously offered to filter his water and finish packing the tent up. When I was done Matt of course wasn’t ready so I said, bye I’m leaving it was nearly 9:00 at this point. Matt doesn’t like it when I leave camp without him, but I can’t just sit there watching him slowly pack up. So off I went, he caught up to me pretty quickly as my legs were sore and heavy. 

After a few miles Matt proclaims, “I feel like my legs have springs in them.” He then goes on a tangent about how he feels like he could walk forever and he could make it 30 miles if he had to today. I wasn’t feeling so optimistic, I kept looking behind myself to make sure I wasn’t dragging 20 poundbweights behind both legs. My hip flexors and hamstrings were so tight I was convinced I could pull them at any moment. We only had 12 miles to go today and I felt each and every mile as I slowly walked down the path. Matt with his optimistic mood and cheerful spirit began to drone on about ants. At a certain elevation there is a dizzying amount of ants, they are busy bringing food to their queen. I was to tired to stop him as he explained how the queen ant is crowned and how she is fed a royal jelly. This royal jelly morphs the Queen ant into a super sized ant with egg producing capabilities. Matt sensing that I was weak and weary excitedly blathered on about the Queen, who is really more of a prisoner and has to stay in the ant colony and pump out babies. Did you know says Matt, “that the unfertilized eggs turn into males.” Nope I did not know that!

Around 2pm we winded down to the road that leads to Green Valley where we would stay the night. This road like the last and the last before it was busy with cars whizing by. It was only a 2 mile road walk to Casa De Luna but I was tiref and wanted to stop moving. We stuck out our trusty thumbs and waited while each car sped past us. Soon after Yohan a local guy who works for The L.A. County fire dept picked us up and dropped us off at the trail angels house. Casa de Luna is run by The Andersons who graciously open their house up to 100’s of hikers a year. Every hiker must wear a Hawaiian shirt as well. Behind their house is a manzanita forest with many cleared out patches for tents. There is an outdoor shower that with just the right gust of wind becomes an outdoor shower for all to see. After arriving we picked the closest tent spot and I quickly went and took a shower. The shower was heated by propane so it would be insanely hot and then cold. I didn’t care though, I was just happy to be washing away the layers of dirt and sweat. I also did some hobo laundry, washing my clothes in a bucket. In the front yard there are a bunch of chairs so we sat and chatted with other hikers before heading to the cafe. There would be taco salad at 7, but it was 4 and we needed first dinner. We went to the cafe with Marie who is from Germany. She is a psychotherapist, I was careful what I said and didn’t mention our blog to her. I had a delicious meat loaf sandwich and a milkshake.

Back at Casa De Luna 2nd dinner was being prepared which came with a list of rules. First, you have to wash your hands and then line up. Second, you are not to put your plate over the food or you will get hit with a yard stick. I appreciated the Andersons attempts to be cleanly. 

Then if was off to bed so we could wake up and climb a ridge just to descend back down again. 

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