Day 33: When Expectations Fall Short

5/14/17 19.4 miles PCT Mile 517.2

As usual we were the second to last ones out of camp. I don’t know why this bothers me but it does. We were able to catch the trail angels just as they were leaving to snag a banana and a coke. 

Today as Matt calls them was going to be “salad miles.” Lots of downhill as we make our way to   last the hurrah of trail angels places’ “Hikertown.” We had heard some things about this place both dirty and interesting were used. We kept an open mind though. 

Soon after leaving camp we passed the 500 mile mark! I’ve been pretty sore lately, I think the constant pounding has taken its toll on me. Despite this we are still making miles. There was a goal today get to Hikertown where a shuttle will take you to a cafe/convenience store in the middle of nowhere. 

I wal rish you were all here
The terrain was uneventful, we quickly left the manzanita and shrub brush and would soon be on the outskirts of the Mohave. As we made our way down to the valley floor we walked through 7 miles of private property where camping was not allowed. I’m not sure why as I saw no houses just empty wasteland. Then I saw this. It was past April 30th though so we should be fine!

Before we got to hikertown we passed a house whom the owner must be a collector because he had a lot of junk strewn about his yard. We passed a portion of his property that had about 30 old computer monitors among the grass. I joked that he runs a computer recycling event every month. For $10 he will take your monitor and then he just throws it in his field. Genius really.

We crossed hwy 138 and could see Hikertown in the distance. From the outside it didn’t half bad. The theme was good, it looked like an old Wild West town. When we got there the caretaker said he only had one place left. We said we didn’t care we would take it. It was in a single wide next a nasty toilet with no running water. Soon after settling in a man arrived to take residence on the toilet and let us both know how much he was enjoying his relaxing time on the toilet. Anyways we were in the office or what was once an office. There was a large desk covered in an inch of dust surrounded by boxes and boxes of stuff or simply junk. There was a pull out couch we could sleep on. The couch was so old and the mattress so worn that when we both tried to sleep on it we slid to the middle. Matt slept on the floor. It was an odd gross place that left me gagging when I washed my hands in the only working bathroom. I suddenly realized that the outdoors were much cleaner than this place. On the brightside the local cafe runs an hourly shuttle and we had hamburgers and fries for dinner followed by an ice cream bar. 

WordPress is being glitchy as ever so the following pictures are all jambled and without context. The sencond picture is where we got water for the day. Just a few bugs and a little dirty but once filtered clean as can be.

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