Day 35: One to Forget

5/16/17 1 slow very slow mile PCT Mile don’t care
I can’t even tell you how many times I woke up last night to get a drink of water only to have dirt blasted in my face. It was windy last night and the dirt is everywhere. In my eyes, nose, and ingrained in my chapped lips. I was hoping 10 hours of sleep would do a body good and I would make a miraculous recovery and we would be to Tehachapi by nightfall. In the morning as I slowly chewed on some string cheese it became apparent I was going no where fast. I was hungry but I couldn’t eat. It was a painful process trying to eat, the simple act of eating one string cheese took me 10 minutes. Chewing alone seemed impossible as every muscle in my body was revolting. I was weak and knew I couldn’t go far. Luckily, we were close to Manzana wind farm that happily welcomes hikers into thier office to rest. 
We slowly trudged down the trail and then to the road that would lead us there. I thought I was walking slow yesterday, but today was a new low. My mom would have loved it as we would have been walking side by side. I started to half cry everytime Matt asked me something, as talking required to much energy. At one point I said, I can’t anymore. I guess I just wanted to lay down on the gravel road and give up. Matt being the nice guy that he is took my pack. He was now carrying two packs and still walking twice as fast as I was.
We arrived at the main office and they showed us where coffee, Gatorade, bathrooms, and cots were. Everyone here was exceptionally friendly as I walked around hair disshelved with no shoes on. They even had donuts, but I couldn’t even look at them. Brightside and Wit were leaving as we arrived. I said a few grunts and then went and laid down. I felt nauseous all day yesterday and throughout the night, but I never got sick. This all changed after my 2nd cup of Gatorade. The mere act of existing was painful and I just wanted it to go away. Then I felt that old familiar churning as I sprung from the cot and quickly walked down the long hallway past all the workers in a meeting to barely make it to the bathroom in time. Just as I opened the bathroom door the contents of my stomach exploded in front of me. I would say 90% made it in the toilet. Which meant I got to clean up the other 10% that splattered to the floor and the toilet seat lid that I didn’t have a chance to lift. I walked shoeless back to the front desk to ask Maggie (office manager) if there was any disinfectant so I could clean the toilet seat lid that was streaked with red Gatorade and cheese chunks. 
I returned to my cot with a fresh cup of Gatorade feeling like the demons were expelled from my body and I started to feel better. I tried to eat some tortilla but it just turned to glue in my mouth and decided I would stick to liquids. Maggie lives in Tehachapi and would give us a ride once she got off work at 3:30. I needed real food not this hiker food before I would feel normal again. We got to the office before 8 and I resided on the cot until we left. Workers kept walking through my infirmary probably thinking I’m the laziest hiker they have ever seen as I never moved. Matt took as good as Care of me as he could considering we were residing in a room under construction next to the work shop. 

Sad looking bird embryo

Once we get checked into our hotel I sent Matt out on a food finding mission. There was no chicken noodle soup nearby so I settled for some Tom Ka soup and ice cream. I ate the entire pint of ice cream and most of the soup before falling fast asleep. This unexpected zero got us out of some major wind and rain. So I guess it worked out?!? 

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