Day 39: Trail Fantasy

5/19/17 16.8 miles PCT Mile 583.2

After 3 days of very little moving I was ready to get back on the trail. If this was normal life I probably would have taken at least 2 more days off before doing any exercise. That luxury does not exist out here though. I was still feeling quite weak and the simple act of lifting up my bag was painful. Our packs just so happened to be the heaviest of the trip as we packed 7 days worth of food. We were hoping to make it to Kennedy Meadows 138 miles away. We also would be entering on if the drier stretches with fewer water opportunities.

We were able to get a hitch almost instantly after leaving our hotel. We got a ride from the sushi restaurant owner and she dropped us off 9 miles down hwy 58 at the trail. We set off just before 9 paralleling the hwy for 2 miles. 

Hwy 58

Soon we began the climb up and out of the valley towards more wind mills. As the weight of my pack dug into my hips and shoulders and each step was slower than the last my trail fantasies began. I need a trail butler. You are probably thinking isn’t that what donkey is for. Well he has his own issues to attend too. In my dream mind I have several butlers who follow me around and carry all my things and make me gourmet meals. Instead of eating defrosted stouffers lasagna mac and cheese out of a ziplock bag like I did this evening, I would have grilled Salmon and asparagus. At the four long breaks I took today my snack butler would attend to all my needs. My snack butler would have figured out my caloric needs and would baby bird feed me my food. My masseuse butler would have taken my shoes off and massaged my feet while I rested. My tent butler would be miles ahead setting my tent up, blowing my pad up, and getting my sleeping bag arranged.
As I snapped back to reality I still only had donkey to try and pawn stuff off on. I was very slow today my entire body was tired and I remarked that “old Matt” would have loved a day like this. Old Matt was into leisurely days where we take a lot of breaks and take time to enjoy the view. I’m hiking with “new Matt” who is into making miles. Today after we had went 4 miles new Matt said, “there is a campsite 18 miles ahead.” Say what! I can barely walk and you want me to go 22 miles today. I think the forget he was with sick Sarah. We didn’t make it 22 miles we barely made it 16, but we had too because we were running out of water and that was our next source. 

I’m leichen this rock (Norm pun)

After 10 hours and 4 very long breaks we made it just over 16 miles to the spring and where we would camp for the night. There was a lot of uphil to get to this spring and that combined with my heavy pack and tired self it made for a long day. There was 5 other hikers camped near the spring, I said a few words set up the tent and didn’t emerge until the next morning.

Water, drink of the gods

7 thoughts on “Day 39: Trail Fantasy

  1. Okay good to here from you your auntie rosie was getting worried. Take it slow and easy and you will get there. No need to hurry with all of the snow in the sierras. i picked a hiker up a day ago and took him to Casa de Luna. He said he had heard of one experienced mountaineering hiker who had gotten through the sierras safely.


  2. Oh Sara and her butlers! We were on the river yesterday and had a nice float. Someone was I. The ducky lol and all I thought was ducky butler!


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