Day 64: Climbing out of Belden

The night before had been my 39th birthday. We had planned to spend the afternoon in Belden to wait for the heat to pass before climbing up the hill out of town. The high that day was 105. It never really cooled off, so we stayed the night, camping near town next to a dirt […]

Day 59: Average Joes

6/20/17 16.6 miles PCT Mile 1212.0 We slept behind the church in Sierra City. It was free, and this means I woke up to a yappy dog barking at 3am, 4am and so on. Finally around 7am we woke up and packed our things up. There was a rumor the cafe down the street would […]

Day 62: Treesmackers and Firebirds

PCT mile 1272.3, 21.8 miles, 6-23-17  As we were starting to pack up, Thirsty came to our tent to borrow some wet wipes on Joyce’s behalf. The day before she had fallen while climbing a downed log and her tricep had become slightly impaled on a sharp tree branch. She had said their was “stuff” […]

Day 60: Searching for the PCT

6-21-17, PCT mile 1231.4, 19.4 miles Navigation in the snow with no trail is awful. Particularly when you are in a forest and even more so when that forest is down a steep ridge. That was the situation we found ourselves in when we reached the top of Fowler Ridge. We had hiked several slow […]

Day 57: Back on Solid Ground

6/18/17 15.8 miles PCT Mile 1184.3 I laid awake last night wondering if we had made the right move by skipping the Sierra. I felt conflicted as I knew people were successfully going through the Sierra Mts right now. Matt tried to reassure me as I complained but this did no good. He would groan […]

Day 56: Regrets, She’s had a few 

PCT mile 1157.3, Miles: almost zero(just sort of wandered around a snowy garbage dump), 6-17-17 Next day 6-18-17, 10 miles. PCT mile 1167 We got a ride from the trailhead and stayed the night in a small motel in Bishop. Sarah had unintentionally screwed over a trail angel real good in the process. She had […]