Day 50: Kicked Out of Havasu


After a little over a week off we are hitting the road to hit the trail. We will go back to Horseshoe Meadow and rejoin the PCT and head back to the snow and start a long remote section through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

We had a nice relaxing and lazy week off. Due to the unbearable heat we were reduced to a life of daytime T.V. and lifetime movies. Outside of constantly submerging yourself in a pool life outside was a death sentence. The temps were at or above 110 all week. One day it was down to 106 and I thought, oh isn’t this nice. We said goodbye to my mom and Riley. Mostly just my mom as Riley doesn’t care much for pleasentries. While in Havasu I monitored Riley’s feeding and gave her an appropriate amount of food each day. She lost 0.6 pounds and seems happier and sprier. I fear she will gain it all back and more with our departure. 

We spent the week buying new gear, waiting for its arrival, and then packing it all up. We bought food for 16 nights, not an easy task when I don’t want to eat any of it. We have added our stove which has expanded our options to include mac & cheese. My dad will drop off 11 nights worth of food for us in Independence saving us a trip to a nearby grocery store. We also bought a new 3-season tent that is also freestanding which should hold up better than our ultralight tent in the snow. This new tent is much smaller and heavier. Our added gear has packed on about 13 pounds to my pack. Along with the added weight most of our travel will be through snow which will decrease our miles and make travel slower. 

Our plan is to camp at Horseshoe Meadow tonight or if time permits hike back up to the PCT. We will spend the next 5-6 days making our way up Mt. Whitney a side trip off the PCT, over Forester Pass, and out Kearsarge Pass to the town of Independence. Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the lower 48 states and Forester Pass is the highest point on the PCT. We hope to get up as early as possible, like 3am or 4am to take advantage of the snow while it is still hard and the sun hasn’t turned it to slush. I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that we can accomplish this. Mostly because it will be critical to get up early in order to make it over the more dangerous passes while the snow is still hard. Wish us luck. Be sure to check our progress on our tracker if you haven’t heard from us in awhile.

Best trail angel house
June Bug playing it cool on the road trip

3 thoughts on “Day 50: Kicked Out of Havasu

  1. Dear hobo’s

    Your very determined.
    Your headed into our favorite part of the Sierra.
    Wishing you both the Best of Luck.
    Careful every step !

    All the best , Bart


  2. Happy to hear the hike is continuing. Eager to read about the steps through and over the sierras. The hikers last year had it easy as the snow was gone by now.


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