Day 61: Food is Fuel

6/22/17 21 miles PCT Mile 1250.5

I had to stop two hours after we started walking to eat again. I asked Matt if he had to eat and he replied that he didn’t. It had only been two hours since breakfast and I was annoyed that I had to eat and Matt didn’t. In our normal life Matt eats much more than I do but for some reason out here he can go for hours with no food, while I have to eat every couple of hours. Perhaps I get this from my Dad who stuffs his pockets with to go pancakes he will eat throughout the day. 

Sneak peek of Lassen

We were going to cross the North Fork of the Feather river today. Our App described this as a great opportunity for swimming

North Fork Feather River
I was very excited for this as the day had become dreadfully hot and we were smelly and sticky. When we arrived, however, the water was moving much to swiftly for swimming. I soaked my feet and washed my smelly shirt. I convinced Matt to wash his smelly shirt as well. He put up a small fight claiming his shirt did not stink. He was wrong, it did stink. I have to admit the washing did very little, as he continued to smell awful. We walked a short distance up the river into a forest and camped. Matt immediately lit a fire to deter the mosquitoes that were already attacking our flesh. Soon after Thirsty, a hiker from Amsterdam we had met for the first time that day, arrived and camped with us. We talked around the fire for awhile and then another hiker, Joyce came into camp. She was born and raised in Brazil, but was currently living in Germany. Apparently Thirsty had hurt his leg and had zeroed a few days on trail, waiting for the pain to subside. Joyce had been hiking with him and had hiked on thinking he had passed her. There was a lot of apologizing on both sides as they had lost each other. The topic of conversation eventually changed, but after a few minutes, switched back to another round of apologies. I assumed from the way they were interacting that they had known each other for some time but, as it turns out, they had met only five days earlier. They might have gone on apologizing, but I am not sure because Matt and I went to bed. It was getting close to 9pm: Hiker Midnight. We wanted to get a relatively early start so we could make it to the small town of Bucks Lake tomorrow afternoon.
One of the many downed trees blocking the trail

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