Day 63: The Great Birthday Stall

6/24/17 11.9 miles PCT mile 1284.4

So I had this entire blog post typed and ready to go, and then something horrible happened the entire thing got deleted. It was a long post too! Since we are so far behind with our blog the following will only be a brief recap.

1) We woke up on a ridge due to the sun shining intensely through our tent. The sun was so hot I started sweating as I packed up. 

2) Today is Matt’s 39th birthday. I chanted birthday boy leads the charge as we raced towards Belden for burgers and drinks.

3) The trail was flat with a 4,000ft descent over 4 miles which sounds great but made for some sore knees.

4) Belden Town Resort is a small resort with a restaurant, motel, and RV park. The owner use to own a pawn shop so the entire place is filled with random junk.

5) We ate and drank. 

Drinking his Tree Smacker

6) It was 101 out we went swimming in the feather river where we saw some Ik’ers and kayakers. 

Swimming hole

7) Local man Bubba tells me Oregon is a tropical rainforest. Say what?!?

8) Birthday boy was stalling as he didn’t want to leave and climb up the hill out of Belden.

9) My sister sent us a lot of good food! One woman staying at the hotel asked what I was gonna do with all that food. She had never heard of the PCT and was shocked that I would carry all that food. I too was shocked when I felt the weight of 13lbs of food on my back.

10) We planned to leave at 5pm, which then became 5:30, then 6:00pm. Princess Layers and Ollie whom we hadn’t seen in months said, ” just stay.” 

11) Birthday boy has his 4th drink and does an interview for fellow PCT hiker Bilines podcast “Between A and B.” Check it out! 

Matt and Biline in front of the Belden Resort

12) We will not be hiking we set our tent next to the river and the train tracks just before town. 

13) It’s so hot I can barely fall asleep as I lay sweating in the tent. 

14) I seem to have a very mild case of frost nip from the snow, as my fingertips are all peeling. 

3 thoughts on “Day 63: The Great Birthday Stall

  1. Happy 39th birthday Matt! This is a birthday you’ll never forget – just good memories! Love, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bob


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