Day 67: Land of a 1,000 Burned Trees

6/28/17 19.6 miles PCT Mile 1367.2

Last night we decided we would sleep in. I did pretty good I slept in until almost 7am. We stayed at warner valley campground so we had a real picnic table and a clean pit toilet. I took advantage of the picnic table and spread my things all over it. I made oatmeal as I was trying to use up a fuel canister. We decided, actually I decided we should skip breakfast at Drakesbad as I knew it would take hours before us pheasants would be served. Shortly after 8am we set off and immediately climbed one of two hills we would have to climb that day. It wasn’t that bad but my legs were starting to feel the affects of not having a day off. 

Found some patchy snow

After 8 miles we arrived at Twin lake where we found Toby and Tabia and another couple we had dinner with from Vancouver B.C. They had all went swimming but I didn’t want to ruin the good shower I had the night before with lake water so I resisted. The 4 of them were going to camp at hat creek 12 miles from here. 

Lost Canadian Geese

Matt insisted the trail ahead was full of smile miles and we should push on. As we set off after lunch we passed several more lakes before reaching an exposed area heavily burned by a forest fire. Our smile miles were now hot miles with little shade and thousands of burned trees. 

Lassen through the burn

Around the same time we reached a milestone, we passed 1,000 miles walked. Being exposed in the burn area made my feet continue to swell and I was thinking the campsite where the others were camping sounded pretty nice. Our pace through the burn area increased to 4mph and then it steadily declined. As we began to slow I tried to plant the seed in Matt’s mind that getting to camp early would actually be better then continuing to trudge on at a slow pace. All we had to do was go to bed early, which is kinda hard when it stays light for so long now. Matt finally saw it my way and said we could camp at Hat creek. A mile before the campsite we saw the Germans Toby and Tabia getting ready to cook dinner. Toby is really afraid of bears and didn’t want to cook where we sleep. I said we were gonna cook there so they decided it was ok and packed up their things. The campsite was nice but really close to the creek which was running high and was therefore loud. I soaked my feet in the freezing cold water for as long as I could bear it. There was a couple at the campsite when we got there laying about, Matt named them friendly and chatty from the day before. I asked them if they were camping here and they said, “no.” So I put my tent up right next to them. Then they packed up their things and camped 20 feet from us up a little hill never saying to a word to any of us. 

Soon after the couple from B.C. joined us and I told them there was space where that other couple had just vacated. We then all cooked dinner around the campfire that we never started. We tried to go to bed early to catch up on our blog entires but it’s hard when you camp with other people. So we stayed up and vowed to get up early as we needed to get 20+ miles in the next day. The others were going to the post office in Old Station which doesn’t open until 11am so we might not see them again for awhile. 

Drakesbad pool from the trail

Pool at Drakesbad
Cleanest after dinner plates ever
Grizzly man eating his lasagna with a side of corn dog

2 thoughts on “Day 67: Land of a 1,000 Burned Trees

  1. Going to have to start using some of those viking beard clasps soon Matt! Beard is getting pretty epic! Oh and 5 stars for properly holding the corndog and fork at the same time!

    You two are really killing it! Enjoying the trip through you two! Great write up Sarah!

    Liked by 1 person

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