Day 72: Whatever

22.8 miles, pct mile 1459.1, 7-3-17

Boring! This sums up my impression of the Northern California section of the trail so far and today was a perfect microcosm of the last hundred miles. We camped on an old jeep road near a ditch creek swarming with mosquitoes. We walked up and down forested hills which, aside from the occasional peek at Mt Shasta, were monotonous. There was poison oak everywhere. At night  we camped near another mosquito infested stream. It  is hot and humid and Sarah’s feet were still killing her so the miles were often slow as well. We saw few other hikers. Mostly Southbounders. The conversations between sobos and nobos are usually brief, sometimes just hi and bye. You don’t know them, they don’t know you and you won’t meet again. We saw a northbound hiker we had seen at the ranch as well as a couple of fairly unfriendly 20 something girls who talked like teenagers. Not to us, mind you. “Oh. My. God. The whole situation was just so like what? You know. And I was just like, ok this is awkward. Ohmygod, today I got an allergic reaction to something as was totally hallucinating. It sucked so hard. Oh did I tell you about NorCal? She seemed so uptight but her friends were like you have no idea. NorCal gets fuckin crazy.  She was drinking and tried to fight some  guys at a bar. It was insane I guess.” And so on. We had little in common and kept our distance. I also learned from these little gossips that Valleygirl and Agame were a couple. This would explain the birthday cake. Trail Romances are a strange thing to me. On the surface it might sound nice I guess. Surrounded by stars, far from the stresses of the modern world, both doing something you enjoy. The realities of the trail, however, are not so romantic. I would be hard pressed to imagine a scenario with ground more rocky for the seed of love to sprout. Everyone stinks. You are constantly sweaty and achy and tired and incredibly dirty. There are bugs everywhere. Most people have a tiny tent barely fit for one human being. Plus you would now have to adjust your pace to stay with this person with whom you, in real life, might share little in common and who might live hundreds or thousands of miles away from you. I can’t imagine these are very successful long term. But people make it work I guess. Well I don’t have much more to say about this uneventful day so I guess I will just fall asleep. 

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