Day 69: Hot and Exposed 

6/30/17 16.2 miles PCT Mile 1407.3

Last night as I was cooking dinner a tall man with no shirt on emerged from his tent about 40 feet in front of me. I said, “whoa who is six pack man?” I told Matt to check out six pack man. He briefly looked up and then back at his spicy ramen and kept eating. Matt didn’t seem so impressed. I kept eating while watching six pack man strut about his tentsite gathering his clothes off the tree clothesline. In the morning as I was getting water six pack man was there and it was Monster. Monster is one of the guys we met a week or so ago that had made it through the entire Sierra Mts. So I was pretty smitten with these PCT celebrities. I was also surprised that we were still in Monsters realm. Anyways he said hi and so did I. He then walked off with his long stride never to be seen again.

We were out of camp by 6:40 as we knew it was gonna be hot as we were heading for the Burney Mt Guest Ranch in the valley. We walked the last 4 miles along the dreadfully hot and exposed hat creek rim before descending down into the valley that was once filled with lava. What remains is annoying lava rock that we had to step on. 

Lava rocks

Also annoying is following Matt as the trail is extremely dusty and he creates a dust storm I must then walk through. He claims it’s just the way McCormicks walk. 

Trail of dust
After 13 miles we started to see signs of life as we neared town. We stopped at a river next to a PG&E power plant for water. I of course soaked my stupid fat feet while 3 other hikers showed up. One a woman the same age as me was also suffering from fat foot syndrome. She sat down next to us and soaked her feet and said, “sorry for blowing up your spot.” She complained that despite her attempts at smoking copious amounts of weed her feet continued to swell. She also said she was gonna go weed crazy when she got to the next town. I instantly liked her as she complained about the “kids” she was hiking with and how much faster they were. 

We then all set off to tackle the last 3 miles in the heat. We reached Burney Mountain Guest Ranch around 2:30 and got the low down. We were to sign up for showers and laundry. I asked about a private room which was a nice cabin. The price was $175! I decided camping was good enough for us. We showered and then swam in the pool. The place was nice but had a theme that was definitely making a statement with all the hikers. The wifi password was living4Jesus. What was odd was that none of the hikers could get onto the wifi. We assumed only the purist of hikers would be able to access the internet, and there was none to be found. There was also a giant cross in the back yard near the pool. They have a little store too so we got ice cream and drinks while relaxing on the porch and chatting with the other hikers. We met back up with a couple from San Francisco we had dinner with at Drakesbad. We went swimming with them and sat with them during dinner which was homemade pizza.  

Burney Mountain Guest Ranch

While here Matt stepped on the scale and he has lost 13 pounds since leaving Lake Havasu in early June. I would guess he has lost close to 20 pounds since starting the trail, although we will never know as he refused to weigh in before we left. I on the otherhand have lost 0 pounds, I would however, like to think I have lost some fat and gained some muscle.

We had two boxes waiting for us at the ranch, one filled with extra food we shipped to ourselves that we don’t want to eat, and the other sent from my parents with our lighter gear we wanted to swap out. I was most excited for the box from my parents as it contained our lighter and bigger tent along with our dirty girl gaiters. I have really been missing my gaiters as they really help keep all the rocks and twigs out of your shoes. We sent away 10lbs of gear we nonlongrt needed along with our heavier tent. Matt got rid of the most weight so I pawned the stove off to him.

Pool at the Ranch

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