Day 71: The Lizards Must be Crazy

7/2/17 20 miles PCT mile 1436.4

We said goodbye to Burney Falls State Park as we walked through the campground back to the trail. The trail was uneventful for most of the day as we stayed tucked away in the forest. 

Sweet little deer just as interested in us as we are of her

It was also a quiet day as we only saw one other hiker a sobo hiker. Matt and I were also pretty silent as we each suffered, me from swollen feet and sore legs, and Matt from a heavy pack and heavy legs. We did however manage to entertain ourselves for over six miles with a new show that will debut on LGBTV. It all started when I saw that one of the silver diamond trail markers had been wrote on. There is a philosophy among all hikers called leave no trace (LNT), which some hikers get a little extreme about. Upon seeing that someone had marked the silver diamond marker I mockingly yelled, leave no trace people. I say LNT at least once a day, I said it just today when I saw some bear scat on the trail. Bears just don’t care. Anyways the marked sign said, persistence creates toughness (pct) and  Matt says, “next they are gonna make an acronym for LNT, and everybody knows that’s Lesbian Ninja Turtles.” We spent a lot of time developing our characters and working through the plot. Probably more time then was needed, but what else did we have to do. In the end we decided that Marvel would sue us as the similarities would be too stark. 

The 2nd biggest highlight of the day was when we reached a ridge and a lizard was in the middle of the trail with no intention of moving. I stared at the little guy as he did his up down push-ups. I reasoned that the lizard was challenging me to a dual. So I stepped on the lizard and kept in walking. Just kidding I didn’t step on him. 

This is my trail

During lunch we ate next to Rock Creek and we decided we would shoot for Deadman Creek and hope there was a suitable tent site nearby.

Rock creek

So we set off through an overgrown forest with one good exposed ridge with views of Mt. Shasta. When we arrived at Deadman creek the mosquitos were unbearable. We quickly set up our tent and threw everything in the tent.

The mosquitoes were so bad we had to cook in the tent.

One thought on “Day 71: The Lizards Must be Crazy

  1. ncitt–no cooking in the tent. People on everest die from the poisonous fumes. I hope you r having fun finally. Put those feet up every time you stop to rest

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