Day 81: A Pleasant Surprise 

7-12-17, PCT mile 1628.1, 23.3 miles

We didn’t get bit by any mosquitoes. Mostly due to my alertness and reflexes. Don’t ask Sarah about this, just take my word for it. Also, we aborted cowboy camping and set up the tent. That helped too. “I knew if we cowboy camped, you would go on and on about the mosquitoe bites.” Sarah said. How odd. How interesting. How bizarre. I thought. What sort of logic is this? Did she want to get bit by mosquitoes? Who would want that? 10 years and her brain is still a mystery to me sometimes. 

We soon came upon a short section called the Marble Mountain Wilderness. I did not expect much, but this portion was incredibly beautiful. The waterfalls and jagged peaks set against the white rocks, greenery, flowers and alpine lakes were really amazing. It reminded me of how much I want to see the Sierra in October when it is not covered in snow. 

We stopped on a ridge under some shade trees for lunch. I set out the tarp and we placed our backpacks under our legs in order to elevate our feet. “Hello.” I thought Sarah said. “Hello.” I replied. “Pillow.” She reiterated. Her head was suspended a foot above the ground. I picked up the tent bag and put it under her head while shaking mine. She even had to laugh at the ridiculousness of demanding pillow service in the middle of nowhere.

We walked through yet another burn area, this time with yellow wild flowers. In not long, we arrived at our tentsite. It had been calm all day but as soon as we approached the ridge, the wind began to blow. It wasn’t too bad though. Tomorrow was 25 miles into the communityof Seiad Valley.

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