Day 84: Is Oregon the Promised Land?

7/15/17 23.3 miles PCT Mile 1700.1

Today was the day we would cross into the magical land of Oz I mean Oregon. It was also Truman eve, in which we get to see our dog tomorrow. My sister Lisa and dad will be driving down to Ashland to spend a few days with us. Matt and I were both very excited to see our dog whom we haven’t seen in over 4 months. My legs were still sore from the huge climb we did yesterday but every step forward was one step closer to seeing the best dog in the world.

Today would be far less hilly, so there was hope for my tired sore muscles. Everyday when I wake up and start moving my legs ache in protest. They say, “why, why are you still doing this.” I beat them into submission day after day and they still just don’t get it!

After 10 miles of pretty forgiving terrain we saw an old cabin with tents set up, and then a sign. Trail Magic!!! A group of volunteers is restoring the Donomore cabin and they are also amazing enough to be bring food for hikers. We hadn’t had lunch yet so we piled our plates high with sandwiches, cookies, and veggies. They also had beer and other cold drinks. After a hour of sitting and chatting we lifted our tired sore bodies out of the chairs and headed to the CA/OR border a mile away. 

Donomore Cabin

We reached the sign signifying a new state where the miles are suppose to come easy and fast. Oregon, where we will cruise and crush miles , there will be so many smile miles we will be pooping rainbows. Lemonade stands will be set up every 10 miles followed by iced lattes and tea. It’s going to be great! The trail will be softly padded with pine needles and my legs will miraculously stop hurting. Oregon is the promised land we have been dreaming of. We took some pictures, yelled in glee, and said, so long California.

Peace out Cali

Matt was happy to be in Oregon and this brought a smile across his face. I didn’t share his same optimism in which we would be doing 30 miles day after day. 

We soon started seeing day hikers who kept welcoming us to Oregon. That was a nice surprise. We then encountered a snowy patch that had a route cut out along with steps. We said aloud, “wow Oregon really has it’s shit together.” We scoffed at California and said they should take a clue from Oregon and step up their trail game. We then crossed a road where we found a bunch of guys drinking in the bed of heir truck and they said, “how did you like that route through the snow.” Turns out there is a 50 and 100 mile running event next weekend so they cleared the trail. Oh well Oregon still gets a point for that one.

As the day grew longer I started to get tired and my steps shortened. I began to slow and sent Matt ahead to the campsite to get the tent set up. I would slowly walk the last 2 miles through a field of bear grass and then along the ridge before arriving at camp. Along the way I passed two other hikers from the Czech Republic, Sleepy and Rocksteady having a quick break as they would push on past where we intended to camp.

When I got to camp, Osprey was there and Matt had managed to do very little except talk to Osprey. We cooked dinner and then crawled into our tent before 9pm. The air was getting cold and it was clear we were leaving the heat of Cali behind.

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