Day 85/86 Ashland

PCT mile 1715.2, 15.1 miles, 7-16-17/ 7-17-17

It was as a short, mostly downhill walk to Callahan’s resort and lodge. On the way we met two hikers from the Chech Republic: Rocksteady and Sleepy. They were younger and faster, but the motivation of making miles to get to see our dog allowed us to stay with them. When we arrived, a goat named Heidi greeted us and perused Sarah’s shirt pockets in hope of garnering a mid afternoon snack. Inside we learned that the restaurant gives out one free beer to each hiker. We obtained our drink vouchers at the front desk and exchanged them for beers at the bar then headed out to the back patio where Valley Girl, Agame, Lt Dan, Joe Dirt, Peanut and Fluffy were already enjoying lunch. Lisa and Norm arrived with Truman, our dog, shortly after. Truman sort of cold shouldered us a little. Perhaps it was the environment. There were a lot of people and dogs and commotion. Maybe he was still a little mad we left him for so long. Whatever the reason, our reunion was a little underwhelming. He warmed back up to us eventually. Lisa had arranged for accommodations at a dog friendly hotel in downtown Ashland. We spent a very nice day and a half there. We dined on salmon and ribs and potatoes which we cooked on the BBQ near the pool. We watched the first episode of game of thrones on Lisa’s iPad. One evening we went to the Cauldera Brewery and had several delicious microbrews. We also tried out the wet sauna at the hotel which felt like it was killing me. I was very vocal about this and,apparently, ruined everyone’s experience. One thing became clear during our stay: Lisa was falling in love with our dog a little. She would frequently claim that things we were saying or doing were making him uncomfortable and cuddled him frequently. I don’t blame her. It’s impossible not to love him.  As I have mentioned before, he is less of a dog and more of a transcendent being filled with unconditional affection. If you don’t fall in love with him there is probably something wrong with you and you should get yourself to a therapist’s office immediately. As always, the town days went by too quickly. We left early the next morning. Lisa drove us up to the trail. Norm and Lisa and Truman walked with us for a little while and then turned back to the car. Truman tried to follow us a bit but finally turned around at Lisa’s urging. Likely this will piss him off all over again. Hopefully he doesn’t hold a grudge.


One thought on “Day 85/86 Ashland

  1. So glad that you are back in Oregon safe and sound. Truman is adorable and the two of you are, also. Miss and love you. Auntie Sandy and Uncle Bob

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