Day 87: Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

7/18/17 25.0 miles PCT Mile 1741.8

I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay in Ashland and bum around for one more day. Why does time go so fast sometimes? We had to go though as we are running short on time and it’s now crunch time to Canada. We enjoyed one last meal at the hotels continental breakfast before my sister and dad drove us back to the trail.

Back at the trail we said our goodbyes and we walked off into the Oregon forest. Truman our dog didn’t seem to mind that we were leaving, as he has annoying grown fond of my sister. He curiously looked at us as we walked down the trail but made no attempts to leave my sisters side. I guess he is being well cared for, but maybe a little too good! 

We set off at 8:45 through uneventful terrain with views not worth mentioning. There was one noteworthy rock structure in which I have forgotten the name where Peregrine Falcons nest, I even saw one fly over my head. Mt. Shasta also made one last appearance, I took a picture just for the sake of taking a picture. 

Early on we thought we might camp at Hyatt Lake because they have showers. When we got closer I decided I didn’t need a shower because I had one yesterday and we should camp elsewhere. It’s funny how my standards for cleanliness have become so low. At the last water source Fluffy and Lt. Dan caught up to us. They would camp near the Hyatt lake outlet where we were collecting water. Rodeo an 18 year old kid from Texas also showed up where a buff identical to the one Matt left in Etna at the hiker hut. Rodeo must have found it in a hiker box and now he was sporting it. We decided to go on 3 more miles to a BLM horse camp by Hyatt lake because they had picnic tables. Let me tell you something about picnic tables, they are awesome. When I have a picnic table my pack explodes into the table. Sitting at a table and eating is so nice, it’s much better than braking over your stove perched on a rock or log. 

Hyatt Lake
Hyatt Lake

4 thoughts on “Day 87: Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

  1. Hey there hobos
    We’ve been enjoying your posts very much.
    You guys are doing so well! We are hikers and have hiked the TRT, TYT, and JMT. As well as Fuji and Australia and Ireland high points. The Milford trac in New Zeland also!
    Reading your receipt posts here st SFO as we are headed to Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro!!!
    My trail name is Twisted (straps are always twisted) and Renee my wife trail name Nene.
    Also with our 21 year old son Shaun. Anyway it feels weird to read your posts so I had to tell you a bit about us. Mostly we live in Santa Rosa but have a cabin in South Lake Tahoe. We’re pulling for you two and wish you happy trails!


  2. I love your posts too! Wish i could have met you guys in tehachapi. I love to meet all the hikers. Good luck to canada! And your dog is just getting back at you for leaving him. Lol he cant wait til you are home!

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