Day 101: Back to Roughing it

8/1/17 22.7 miles PCT Mile 2065.8 After Dylan’s game last night I went to bed early as I was feeling pretty tired. I woke up a little before 7am and we started packing up. Around 8 Lisa and Jason got up and starting making breakfast. Lisa did her best to empty her cooler by feeding […]

Day 100: The Day Was Like the Sky

7-31-17, 0 miles  The road to Olallie had been a rough one,  both figuratively and literally. It was great luck that Lisa had planned to meet us those two days because a forest fire burning in the area had exploded into an inferno, closing the trail in the area and forcing hikers onto a forty […]

Day 97: The Crime of the Century 

7-28-17, PCT mile 1981.2, 7.3 miles I woke up before the alarm went off, packed up and was on the trail by 7. Lt Dan was just getting up but would leisurely break camp and catch me within an hour or so. We only had a few miles to make that morning until we reached […]

Day 96: To Walk Along the Lonely Street of Dreams

7-27-17, PCT mile:1973.7, 26 miles Sarah opted out for the day. She had been feeling weak the day before and, by morning, she had not improved. There was a trail to a popular  lodge 3 miles ahead of where we camped and she hiked out there to get a hitch into Bend. It would be […]

Day 95: Trail of Thunder

7/26/17 25.1 miles PCT Mile 1947.7 When first light hit my eyes I woke and saw that it was 5:30. We decided to get an early start as our goal was to make it 32 miles today. We quickly packed up as a few mosquitoes swarmed our faces. I set out first and ate my […]

 Day 94: Banquet Night

9-25-17, PCT Mile 1922.6, 18.5 miles We left Shelter Cove that morning with around 20 companions. 10 of them hovered around each of our butts waiting until we stopped for a moment for their chance to feed. Their friends would join in as well,  rising out of the dirt in groups of twenty or so. […]