Day 89: Ignored Warnings 

7/20/17 27 miles PCT Mile 1798.00

We left camp wearing our long pants as we heard we would be entering mosquito hell after Fish Lake. We were prepared with head nets, 100% deet, and clothes doused in permethrin. 

Our first encounter with these little blood suckers came in the early morning when I needed what I call 2nd breakfast. We stopped so I could eat and the mosquitoes came out of nowhere. We put on our head nets, which makes eating difficult and I quickly shoved food under my head net and into my mouth. Lt. Dan walked by and said, “they are eating me alive.” We offered him some deet but he said they will still eat me. 

We quickly left and walked 5 more more miles to the next water source, a spring a little ways off the trail. Matt went and got water for us while I ate lunch. It was only 11 but I was hungry. The others Fluffy, Peanut, Lt. Dan, and Joe Dirt whom had stopped to get water would eat lunch later. When we saw Peanut, Lt. Dan, and Joe Dirt having lunch we also stopped because sitting  sounded nice and I should always eat more than I think. 

Lots of Blowdowns

We made it to Devils Peak which was still covered in snow. The day before two older ladies had warned us, “you are gonna need ice axes and crampons.” We said, “ok” and walked away knowing we would be fine. Other hikers had apparently lost phones and broke tent poles. I’m not sure what they were doing but it was very slushy with a short glissade down. The 5 of us slide down yelling yippee. From here there was a bit more snow but it was downhill and not too bad. We passed Fluffy who was in his tent to escape the mosquitoes and he said they are pretty bad here. Lt. Dan set up camp next to Fluffy and the 4 of us proceeded on to a horse camp a 1/2 mile down the trail.

Lt. Dan on Devils Peak

Matt immediately made a fire in hopes of deterring the mosquitoes. We huddled around the fire wearing rain jackets and head nets while we cooked dinner. 

Peanut and Matt
Joe Dirt and his toe knife

Joe Dirt (J.D) proceeded to clean his ingrown toenail around the campfire. He used a knife to cram antiseptic wipes under his toe. This practice would be frowned upon in the real world but not on the trail. Common decency has no place on the trail. Almost every campfire discussion will end with someone bringing up pooping in the woods. One great tip I learned but have yet to do is dig your cathole the night before. Genius!

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