Day 93: Family Fortune 

7/24/17 15.2 miles Off PCT 

We slept in a bit as we were tired from our long day yesterday and not getting to bed until after 10. Everyone else had already left when we emerged from our tent after 6:30. Hikers sure get up early. Scoops was the only one still asleep. 

We took off knowing that today would be pretty easy and we had a nice surprise waiting for us in 15 miles. My parents were meeting us on their way back down to Lake Havasu. I thought we would beat them to Crescent Lake but we took a longer lunch and my legs were very sore.

Shortly before 2 we popped out on a paved road and my mom called saying they didn’t know where they were and she wondered where were we. I also didn’t really know where we were as our directions were confusing. I said we are on a paved road come get us. Shortly after they drove up and pulled to the side. I told my mom she might not want to hug me. She did anyways and said, “oh my.” I was pretty sweaty as it was quite hot out. My parents also had Riley who greeted us with barks. June Bug my parents dog was of course super happy to see us because she loves everyone. We got in the car and my mom immediately remarked that she could smell us. She then said the RV park has showers. It was clear we would need to shower before this visit could continue. After briefly entering the campground and my mom and dad arguing about the existence of the shower we stopped at a bulliten board. Before stopping my mom insisted that my dad had seen the sign advertising showers, while my dad said, no you said it. This is a classic Schroeder miscommunication, they happen all the time. Eventually we found the showers and my mom happily paid the steep price in my opinion for us to wash away our stench. Here is a pic of my parents from their recent trip to the beach, as I forgot to take any pictures today.

Mom and Dad (Patti and Norm)

We then went to the Odell Lake Resort and had an early dinner. I had hoped my parents would stay the night but my dad said he tried and everything was booked. After spending 4 hours with us my parents dropped us off at Shelter Cove Resort were we decided to stay the night. There were many hikers on the porch and we waited for th group we have been hiking with to show up as we skipped a few miles today. Peanut was the first one to show up and asked where everyone else was. Then Fluffy walked up in a sour mood wondering how we all beat him as he saw no other hikers. Fluffy didn’t know there was an alternate and had walked 36 miles to get here. The alternate has more water and is about 7 miles shorter. Joe Dirt and Lt. Dan arrived a bit later and we all got a campsite together and decided to have a lazy morning tomorrow and have breakfast at the resort. 

All cleaned up at Shelter Cove
Where Fluffy would camp
Beat, Michele, and Matt (our Swiss friends)
This is what my feet look like everyday

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