Day 127: Will Walk for Cinnamon Rolls

8/28/17 3.2 miles PCT mile

I think we slept in I can’t remember though. Peanut was already packed up and heading into Stehekin. I wondered what the hurry was but we got up too and made the walk into town. The one redeeming factor about Stehekin is that they offer free camping. You do however have to walk up a very steep hill to get to the campsite. The hill was defiantly steeper than most of the PCT and we all complained as we walked up the thing last night in the dark. 

While Matt finished packing I walked to town to do our laundry. When I got to the one washer and dryer they had in town Agame was already there! I sulked back to the only restaurant in town and declared that I wouldn’t be doing laundry as I didn’t want to wait.  J.D. said if we were gonna hike with him we had to do laundry. I thought this was odd coming from the guy who smells of bo on the regular. After breakfast we ran back to the laundry area which also housed the worlds grossest shower. The drain in the shower did not work so you were constantly standing in filth. Fluffy said that he croutched on the handicap seat like a monkey to not have to stand in the water. I just kept my flip flops on and showered as fast as possible. Matt had an entirely different tactic, he used the handicap rails to hold himself up in a tricep dip to remain out of the standing water.  In order to wash all my clothes I wore my rain jacket and my down jacket as a skirt. I wore this gidup to the post office as well. The postal worker did even bat an eye at me, this might have been because he only had one eye. I point this out only to prove how unobservant Matt is as he didn’t even notice the guy had an eye patch on.  

Matt and I packed our food up that my sister sent us while our clothes dried and then went to catch the shuttle to the famous Stehekin bakery. I was so excited for a big ol cinnamon roll! 

At the bakery I ran inside and anxiously scanned the pastry window only to find no cinnamon roll!! Noooooo, I knew I should have got here right when they opened. I settled for a sticky bun and ice cream. We loitered at the bakery for an impressive 5 hours! Mostly because half the group wanted to wait for the last shuttle back to the trail so when the earlier shuttle came, no one moved, thus missing the shuttle. So we proceeded to spend more and more money buying anything we wanted. Matt treated himself to 3 lattes. Eventually the bakery shut down and we waited for the last shuttle back to the trail.p at 5:30. We only had 3 miles to camp, where we would stay in a real campground with a fire pit and picnic tables. As we ate dinner and the sun began to set the mice emerged. They were not shy by our presence and ran around us, over our feet, and between our legs. I had my food bag in front of me on a log and a mouse ran right up the log trying to get at my leftover sticky bun. 


Peanut had a small accident with her ice cream

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