Day 96: To Walk Along the Lonely Street of Dreams

7-27-17, PCT mile:1973.7, 26 miles Sarah opted out for the day. She had been feeling weak the day before and, by morning, she had not improved. There was a trail to a popular  lodge 3 miles ahead of where we camped and she hiked out there to get a hitch into Bend. It would be […]

Day 95: Trail of Thunder

7/26/17 25.1 miles PCT Mile 1947.7 When first light hit my eyes I woke and saw that it was 5:30. We decided to get an early start as our goal was to make it 32 miles today. We quickly packed up as a few mosquitoes swarmed our faces. I set out first and ate my […]

 Day 94: Banquet Night

9-25-17, PCT Mile 1922.6, 18.5 miles We left Shelter Cove that morning with around 20 companions. 10 of them hovered around each of our butts waiting until we stopped for a moment for their chance to feed. Their friends would join in as well,  rising out of the dirt in groups of twenty or so. […]

Day 93: Family Fortune 

7/24/17 15.2 miles Off PCT  We slept in a bit as we were tired from our long day yesterday and not getting to bed until after 10. Everyone else had already left when we emerged from our tent after 6:30. Hikers sure get up early. Scoops was the only one still asleep.  We took off […]

Day 92: The Longest 33 Miles

7-23-17, PCT mile:1869.6, 32.5 miles for Sarah/ 33.5 miles for me.  Second post from Lisa’s house. The caffeine is wearing off. Creative energy at an all time low now. I have sequestered myself in the bedroom. Upstairs, I hear my name mentioned. I fear I will be interrupted. I close the door. Sarah opens the […]

Day 91: Vacation All I Ever Wanted 

7/22/17 9.3 miles PCT Mile 1836.7 Today was to be a leisurely day being tourists in Crater Lake National Park. One caveat is that we would still have to walk and carry our backpacks stuffed with our food resupply and extra water. We made a plan the night before to take the trolley to the […]

Day 90: My New Endurance Test

7-21-17,pct mile: 1819.2 , 21.miles I don’t remember much of this day at all. I have really fallen behind on this blog but I swear there is a good reason and the reason is this: I am tired AF. We have to go faster and farther these days as the window to get to the […]