Day 55: Beautiful, but is it Worth it

6/13/17 1.2 Miles +7.5 miles out Kearsarge Pass PCT Mile 788.3  We camped with 10 other hikers near Bubbs Creek last night. It was much warmer when the sun set so I actually slept pretty well. I only woke up once worrying about if we should continue hiking through the Sierra Mts, skip, or play […]

Day 50: Kicked Out of Havasu

6/8/17  After a little over a week off we are hitting the road to hit the trail. We will go back to Horseshoe Meadow and rejoin the PCT and head back to the snow and start a long remote section through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  We had a nice relaxing and lazy week off. Due […]

Day 49: A Brief Intermission 

The shoes I had laid out to dry were frozen solid. My socks were unusable and my pants were still wet. Any hiking I would do this morning would have to be in flip flops and my night clothes. We went up and down the stream looking for a good place to cross. There was […]

Day 48: Learning Lessons

5/28/27 20 miles +2.0 miles to horseshoe Meadows PCT mile 744.5 Last night we reached the apex of our climb late in the day with the sun setting fast behind the hills. We decided to camp at the top of the climb over 10,000ft. Despite snowy patches all around us we found some dry flat […]

Day 46/47: Reunited and It Feels So Good

5-26-17/5-27-17, PCT mile 724.4, 22 miles We started the day with a ride to Grumpy Bear Retreat. The shuttle arrived at 745. Due to an ongoing feud between the general store and the restaruant, the ford pickup had to stop across the road at Tom’s house. The truck came to a screeching halt and 16 […]

Day 43: Rise and Fall

5/23/17 3 miles PCT mile 654.3 I woke up around 7am to other hikers scurrying around packing up their things and getting water. We were in no hurry, although we should have been considering we had a big climb out of Walkers Pass and the temp was rising. Last night we rolled into camp near […]

Day 44: California Dreaming

Pct mile 676.1, 22 miles, 5-24-17  We were both feeling good after a day of rest. We would need it as the day had plenty of climbing and the high temperature would be near 90. We would climb to 7900 feet then descend back to 5000′ then climb back up to above 7000 and camp. […]