Day 89: Ignored Warnings 

7/20/17 27 miles PCT Mile 1798.00 We left camp wearing our long pants as we heard we would be entering mosquito hell after Fish Lake. We were prepared with head nets, 100% deet, and clothes doused in permethrin.  Our first encounter with these little blood suckers came in the early morning when I needed what […]

Day 88: Fluffy Resort

Pct mile: 1770.9, 29.1 miles,7-19-17 We awoke to a cacophony of geese and crows and packed up our things. We took bets on when Fluffy would pass us. We both bet on some time in the early afternoon. Fluffy gets up at around 530 every morning and hikes 30 miles before 5. We once mentioned […]

Day 87: Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

7/18/17 25.0 miles PCT Mile 1741.8 I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay in Ashland and bum around for one more day. Why does time go so fast sometimes? We had to go though as we are running short on time and it’s now crunch time to Canada. We enjoyed one last meal […]

Day 85/86 Ashland

PCT mile 1715.2, 15.1 miles, 7-16-17/ 7-17-17 It was as a short, mostly downhill walk to Callahan’s resort and lodge. On the way we met two hikers from the Chech Republic: Rocksteady and Sleepy. They were younger and faster, but the motivation of making miles to get to see our dog allowed us to stay […]

Day 83 Get to da Choppa!!!

PCT mile:1676.8, 7-14-17, 21.8 miles While us thru hikers packed up, the three Israeli men who were section hiking remained asleep. They had stayed up visiting with Lt Dan, who is also Israeli. He said that they had fed him giant portions of all sorts of good food and had buried beer ahead on the […]