Day 122: Bussing It 

PCT mile 2465.2, 3.4 miles, 8-23-17 We took our time getting out in the morning. Fluffy had wanted to take a day off , but we had all agreed that we had to make a few miles today in order to stay on schedule to reach Canada on the 1st. As a compromise, we would […]

Day 121: Somethings Never Change

8/22/17 14.6 miles PCT Mile 2461.6 *The nobo hobos are back to civilization after an amazing 18 days floating down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. We had hoped to head back to the trail but the snow started falling early in the Sierra and the days are getting cold and short. Since we […]

Day 119: The Beauty Will Peak Your Interest

8/20/17 27.6 miles PCT Mile 2425.4 It was good to be back with the gang, except that they are all faster than me. Fluffy however has an injury and is slow like me. I knew it was bad when I was walking faster than him, as his legs are twice as long as mine.  We […]

Day 115: The Woods Be Boring 

8/16/18 27.1 miles PCT Mile 2361.6 The good thing about walking in the trees all day is that you can make miles as there is nothing to take pictures of. Today would be one of those days. Head down staring at the trail clomping along. We would do this for over 60,000 steps before reaching […]