Day 115: The Woods Be Boring 

8/16/18 27.1 miles PCT Mile 2361.6 The good thing about walking in the trees all day is that you can make miles as there is nothing to take pictures of. Today would be one of those days. Head down staring at the trail clomping along. We would do this for over 60,000 steps before reaching […]

Day 116: Meh-ville, Population 2. 

8/17/17 20.2 miles PCT Mile 2381.8  Happyfeet left the trail at White Pass to take care of some things in Tacoma and would rejoin the trail at Snoqualamie. I envy her. Most of Washington is beautiful, but the stretch between these two passes has very little in the way of scenery. There is still plenty […]

Day 114: Carrie’s Birthday Party

8-15-17, PCT mile 2331.7?, 19.6 miles? At around noon we arrived at Chinook Pass. Our friend Carrie and her two year old daughter Paige were there to meet us. It was Carrie’s Birthday, so once we caught sight of her we sang Happy Birthday. This was a problem for Paige who had recently decided that […]

Day 112: The Hardest Latte

8-13-17, PCT mile 2292.4, 10.2 miles We had a short walk from a less than ideal campsite through a thick fog and a constant drizzle to White Pass, where we would spend the evening with Lisa and Dylan in a small condo by the freeway. Roughly a year ago, we had stopped by the small […]

 Day 110: Mt Adams Wilderness 

8-11-17, PCT mile:2258.7, 26.4 miles Before I start, I want to correct an omission I made a few posts ago. I forgot to mention that two of my friends and ex coworkers, Diana and Ian had graciously sent me a package at Timeberline Lodge. I was really needing something new to put in my drinks […]